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RallyStageTeam is a Not for Profit organisation, run by a small team of volunteers to support Motorsport safety, enabling marshals to gain access to more events and providing events with access to more marshals.

We are continuing to develop this website to maximise the benefits to Marshals and Event Organisers.  This means that Marshals get to know about more events and that events can be more safely run due to increased Marshal attendance.  RallyStageTeam has already been used on many events, including Rally of Great Britain 2009, the Jim Clark Rally, Richard Burns Memorial Rally, Wales Rally GB since 2007, Circuit of Ireland IRC since 2012 and has proven to be a great success.

We need your help to make it successful, by encouraging Events and Marshals to sign up and use RST. 

This site is free to register for both Marshals and Events and holds details of over 15,000 Marshals, the majority of which are Online users of the System.

Registered Marshals: 15614

What's New?

08 Oct:   East Riding Stages Rally 2024 (25 Feb 2024) - ON LINE NOW
14 Aug:   North West Stages 2024 (22-23 Mar 2024) - ON LINE NOW

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East Riding Stages Rally 2024, North Yorks UK Click Here
North West Stages, Garstang, UK Click Here

Online Now - East Riding Stages Rally 2024

North West Stages 2024

Online Now - North West Stages 2024

North West Stages 2024

Online Registered Marshals: 15614

RallyStageTeam has been used on many events with great success

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